Ny Moebius bog ltd. ed.

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Ny Moebius bog ltd. ed.

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Så er der ny Moebius, en kunstbog med digte og andet godt fra le grand maître, Moebius:

Jean Giraud Moebius Présente LAZLO PARKER (Limited Edition)
limited edition 3.000 eks.
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This newly released Limited edition features 290 pages of artwork from the master's archives and sketchbooks and is accompanied by a print only available in this edition.

The book brings together Moebius's 'Monumental Miniature Works', including bodies of line work which take us back to the universe of 40 Days in The Desert B and La Faune de Mars, watercolours emotive of landscapes in the universe of Lieutenant Blueberry, as well as extraordinary sections of alien forms and works emotive of the work produced for science fiction films such as 'The Abyss'.

With a forward by Moebius's widow Isabelle Giraud and extracts of his famed interview with Numa Sadoul, the artwork is interspersed by a few mini poems written by Moebius. The French text pages total less than 30 in all, so the focus of this book is certainly on his incredible artwork.

Limited edition of 3000 printed worldwide.
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