Eisner Awards 2021

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Eisner Awards 2021

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Eisner vinderne for 2021 er nu blevet annonceret, og vi skal kigge på oldies kategorierne:

fra https://www.cbr.com/eisner-awarsd-2021- ... Mc0mQL1i0A

Best Archival Collection/Project - Strips

The Flapper Queens: Women Cartoonists of the Jazz Age, edited by Trina Robbins (Fantagraphics)
Gross Exaggerations: The Meshuga Comic Strips of Milt Gross, by Milt Gross, edited by Peter Maresca (Sunday Press/IDW)
Krazy & Ignatz 1919-1921 by George Herriman, edited by RJ Casey (Fantagraphics)
Little Debbie and the Second Coming of Elmo: Daily Comic Strips, August 1960–September 1961, by Cecil Jensen, edited by Frank Young (Labor of Love)
Pogo The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips: Volume 7: Pockets Full of Pie, by Walt Kelly, edited by Mark Evanier and Eric Reynolds (Fantagraphics)


Best Archival Collection/Project - Comic Books

Art Young’s Inferno, by Art Young, edited by Glenn Bray (Fantagraphics)
Atlas at War! edited by Michael J. Vassallo (Dead Reckoning)
The Complete Hate, by Peter Bagge, edited by Eric Reynolds (Fantagraphics)
Corto Maltese: The Ballad of the Salty Sea, by Hugo Pratt, translation by Dean Mullaney and Simone Castaldi (EuroComics/IDW)
Little Lulu: The Fuzzythingus Poopi, by John Stanley, edited by Frank Young and Tom Devlin (Drawn & Quarterly)
Man and Superman and Other Stories, by Harvey Kurtzman, edited by J. Michael Catron (Fantagraphics)

Best Comics-Related Journalism/Periodical

Alter Ego, edited by Roy Thomas (TwoMorrows)
Back Issue, edited by Michael Eury (TwoMorrows)
The Comics Blog, by Michael Cavna and David Betancourt, https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/comics/
The Comics Journal, edited by RJ Casey, Kristy Valenti, and Gary Groth (Fantagraphics)
PanelxPanel magazine, edited by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, PanelxPanel.com
Women Write About Comics, edited by Nola Pfau and Wendy Browne, www.WomenWriteAboutComics.com

Best Comics-Related Book

American Daredevil: Comics, Communism, and the Battles of Lev Gleason, by Brett Dakin (Comic House/Lev Gleason)
Ditko Shrugged: The Uncompromising Life of the Artist Behind Spider-Man and the Rise of Marvel Comics, by David Currie (Hermes Press)
Drawing Fire: The Editorial Cartoons of Bill Mauldin, edited by Todd DePastino (Pritzker Military Museum & Library)
The History of EC Comics, by Grant Geissman (TASCHEN)
Invisible Men: The Trailblazing Black Artists of Comic Books, by Ken Quattro (Yoe Books/IDW)
Masters of British Comic Art, by David Roach (2000AD)
"It's a mod, mod, mod, mod world, luv!" -- Twiggy
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Re: Eisner Awards 2021

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Best U.S. Edition of International Material

WINNER: Goblin Girl, by Moa Romanova, translation by Melissa Bowers (Fantagraphics)

Altitude, by Olivier Bocquet and Jean-Marc Rochette, translation by Edward Gauvin (SelfMadeHero)
Gamayun Tales I: An Anthology of Modern Russian Folk Tales, by Alexander Utkin, translation by Lada Morozova (Nobrow)
Irena Books 2-3, by Jean-David Morvan, Severine Tréfouël, and David Evrard, translation by Dan Christensen (Magnetic Press)
When You Look Up, by Decur, translation by Chloe Garcia Roberts (Enchanted Lion Books)
The Winter of the Cartoonist, by Paco Roca, translation by Andrea Rosenberg (Fantagraphics)
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